Conference Agenda

“The Mental Health Issues of Diabetes Conference”

October 7th, 2013

“Day 1”


Panel I

Type I Diabetes Medical Treatment and Mental Health Issues
Panel Chairman     

Lee Ducat 
Founder JDRF
Founder NDRI
Founder HBDI


The Perspective of Patients and Their Families 

 Panel Members

Tyler Brooke Genthe
Freshman, Spotswood High School
Spotswood, NJ

Eileen Gelick
Past National President, JDRF
Board of Chancellors, JDRF
Chicago, IL

Debra K. Osteen
Senior Vice President
Universal Health Services, Inc.

Tony Rogowski
President, Crown South Realty
Atlanta, GA

Howard Nathan
President/CEO Gift of Life Donor Program
Founder and President Gift of Life Institute
Philadelphia, PA


Panel II

Type I Diabetes

Medical Treatment and Research

The Chicago Model
Panel Chairman            
Lou Philipson, MD, PhD
Professor, Medicine & Pediatrics
Director, Kovler Diabetes Center
University of Chicago

The Pittsburgh Model:
Applying Evolving Knowledge in the Care of the Child With Diabetes  

Mark Sperling, MBBS                                                                 
Professor of Pediatrics
University of Pittsburgh

Children’s National Medical Center Model
Family Centered Care for Type I Diabetes

Fran Cogen, MD, CDE
Director, Childhood and Adolescent Diabetes Program
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes
Childrens National Medical Center

Penn Rodebaugh Diabetes Center, Model                            
Mark Schutta, MD
Medical Director
Rodebaugh Diabetes Center
Associate Professor of Diabetes
University of Pennsylvania

The Barbara Davis Center  Approach to Providing Patient Centered
Pediatric and Young Adult Diabetes Care 
Georgeanna Klingensmith, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Chief, Pediatric Clinics
Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes

Behavioral Considerations in the Optimization   of Glycemic Control of
Adults with Type I Diabetes
Howard Wolpert, MD             
Senior Physician
Joslin Diabetes Center

Treatment of Diabetes Research Update
Cellular Therapies to Regenerative Medicine 
Camillo Ricordi, MD
Stacy Joy Goodman Professor of Surgery
Distinguished Professor of Medicine,
Biomedical Engineering, Microbiology and Immunology
Director, Cell Transplant Center and Diabetes Research Institute








Panel IV                                                                    

The Scope of Mental Health Issues in Those “At Risk” for Diabetes and Family  & 
Mental Health Issues in Individuals Screened  At Birth for Diabetes Risk

Panel Chairman
Ake Lernmark, PhD
Lund University/CRC
Department of Clinical Sciences

 Lessons Learned From the TEDDY Study  The Psychological Impact of Learning Your      Child is “At Risk” for T1D Child is “At Risk” for T1D                                   
Suzanne Bennett JohnsonPhD
Distinguished Research
Professor Dept. of Medical Humanities and
Social Sciences
Florida State University College of Medicine

Emotional and Interpersonal Challenges of Spouses and
Partners of Adults with Type I Diabetes
Paula Trief, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for
Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development
Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine
State University of New York Upstate Medical University                     

Key Psychosocial Issues of Diabetes in Youth  Successful Team Management         
Alan Delamater, PhD
Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology
Director, Clinical Psychology       
University of Miami



Panel V                                                                     
Innovations in Treatment Reimbursement Issues  

The Integration of New Remote Home Monitoring                                    
Technologies with Team Care in Diabetes   

Panel Chairman                                                                                                                
Garry Welch, PhD
Director, Behavioral Medicine  Research  
Baystate Health Center
Research Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Tufts University School of Medicine

Using Technology to Deliver Behavioral Interventions                    
Margaret Grey, DrPH, RN, FAA
Dean & Annie Goodrich
Yale University School of Nursing

Novel Intervention for Youth Repeatedly Hospitalized for DKA   
Michael Harris, PhD
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Director of Psychology, Child Development and Rehabilitation Center
Oregon Health & Science University


How Will the Changing Health Care Reimbursement  Landscape Support Innovation                                   
Robert Gabbay, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer
Senior Vice President
 Joslin Diabetes Center   


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