MHID Advisers,  MHID Advisers, bring together global leaders in diabetes care and research.

Diabetes is epidemic throughout the world.    MHID's  advisers are working to build a national and international effort in the areas of “Mental Health Issues of Diabetes and “Medical Treatment of Diabetes”.  Our goal is to create standardized modules of treatment focused on all age groups.   Arthur Rubenstein, MBBCh, Professor, University of Pennsylvania and Immediate Past Dean, acted as Honorary Chairman at MHID's first conference in October of 2013 in Philadelphia; while Lou Philipson, MD, PhD, Professor, University of Chicago, and Barbara Anderson, PhD, Professor, Baylor College of Medicine preformed the roles of Co-Chair along with Lee Ducat, Founder JDRF, NDRI,

MHID's  first conference  generated four important work group reports, which are available on this website. Congratulations are in order for the advisers an attendees of conference 2013.  MHID recently received notification that JAMA will be publishing the resultant abstract in the near future.