Diabetes and Mental Health


The Team Approach


Diabetes is epidemic in the United States and throughout the world.  

We propose to build a national and international effort to survey the field of “Mental Health Issues of Diabetes and “Medical Treatment of Diabetes to ultimately create standardized modules of treatment across the passages of life. Top professionals in clinical care and mental health will utilize the “Conference” vehicle to bring together the top professional experts in Type I Diabetes clinical care and mental health. 

Arthur Rubenstein, MBBCh, Professor, University of Pennsylvania and Immediate Past Dean, will be Honorary Chairman of the conference, while Lou Philipson, MD, PhD, Professor, University of Chicago, and Barbara Anderson, PhD, Professor, Baylor College of Medicine will Co-Chair along with Lee Ducat, Founder JDRF, NDRI, and HBDI. 

The plan is to create standardized modules of treatment through the stages of life experiences; at onset of diabetes, in infancy, childhood, teenage, young adult, college age, separation from primary family, marriage, pregnancy, gestational diabetes, infertility, divorce, relocation, job loss, remarriage, onset of complications, and later life issues.  

The plan is to design standardized support modules for “Behavioral and Mental Health Issues” and “Biophysical Treatment” over a lifetime for patients and families.  These modules will address “Mental Health Issues” such as diabetes distress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, drug addiction, and suicide.  Standardized modules will be designed to include Biophysical issues such as onset of the complications, kidney problems and failure, dialysis, eye problems, blindness, neuropathies and cardiovascular problems. Both “Mental Health Issues” and “Medical Treatment” will be targeted to design standardized treatment modules with a “Team Approach” for patients and their families within a new paradigm for treatment.

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